Hello! Welcome to the super secret shrine dedicated to my.. beloved!


Ross, if you see this. I love you SOO so much, you make me so habby. I'm so glad we're dating. You're the best person ever in my life, and the only one I can truly rely on when I need help. You're so sweet and nice and caring to me. I would always put my needs before your own because you're more important. You are SO fucking cute and and adorable and I hope HOOOPE we get to meet irl and spend our lives together [paying taxes and reading newspapers like an old married couple]. I cannot wait until I can propose to you, presenting you with a custom made korn ring made of 24 carat gold. aaah i shouldn't get too ahead of myself, now. Ahaha.


With that all being said, let's get to the things that remind me of you!!!

This will be updated as I find more silly thingie-ma-bobs... Check back in every once in a while! :3