MY INTERESTS? Why would you read a page about that....Whatevah..
welcome to the obligatory ...

i am critical about 90% of these, don't judge them around me, to be safe.

I love that old web shit. it was one of the main inspos behind me making this website!

i loooove smile for me, i'm literally an introject of doctor habit.. i was born with 57 undiagnosed mental illnesses bro >:-)
I LOOOOOOOOOOVE lovelove scary movies.. Saw, Texas Chainsaw, Scream, Human Centipede, you fuckin name it and i've seen it.
I am very interested cold blooded animals.. They are really sillay!
my music taste is wacky, i like metal , sad music , classical music , rock and grungy music , and 2000s nostalgic crap! i kissed a girland i li

i love funky fashion..

<-------- LIKE THAT.

if you wanna see more interests read THIS!

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